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Helping You Have
A Drug-Free Team

We understand the challenges that come from drugs and alcohol. We’re here to educate you and provide assistance for all of your testing needs. We’ll help you experience the confidence of knowing your business is drug-free.

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Confidential & Discreet

We respect your privacy and all records are private.

Accredited Labs

Our labs are certified and adhere to the highest standards.

Professional & Experienced

Over a decade in business and 10,000+ tests administered.

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Drugs and Alcohol Hurt Your Business

  • Lost Productivity
  • Increased Liabilities
  • Damaging Your Reputation

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Drug Testing Empowers Businesses To Be More Productive and Profitable.

Great culture. Happy employees. Satisfied customers.

Safer Environment

Drug free staff are less likely to get hurt or cause major problems in the workplace.

Less Turnover

Healthy employees are more likely to show up on time, not call in, and stay employed longer.

Happy Customers

A thriving team is able to provide a great service and that creates happy customers.

We Provide Accurate Full-Service Drug Testing

DOT and BAT certified collectors. ABQ Drug Testing is proud to offer drug testing
options not found at many facilities. We’ll have the right test at the right time just for you.

Workplace Testing

Business owners are losing over $100 billion per year due to substance abuse in the workplace. We provide laboratory and/or instant drug tests to businesses who value drug testing programs. We can set up your company as a drug free workplace.


Background Checks

As an employer or as a human resources professional, you have to make vital decisions about potential or current employees in a limited amount of time. Learn the truth about an employee before the employee becomes a problem.


Hair Testing

Hair Testing is the most accurate and effective method of identifying drug abuse. Using a small sample of hair, we analyze the amount of drug metabolites embedded inside it. Each ½ inch of hair provides a 30-day history of drug use.


Alcohol Testing

New Mexico’s total alcohol-related death rate has consistently been nearly twice the national rate for the past two decades. We offer a variety of alcohol tests from Breathalyzers, 80 hour tests to 21 day PeTH and 90 day hair testing for alcohol.


Specialty Testing

Whether pre-employment, court ordered, reasonable suspicion, random or a parent concerned about their child, drug testing can be performed for a variety of reasons. ABQ Drug Testing can assist you with all your drug testing needs.


Paternity/DNA Testing

Paternity and family relationship DNA testing are in great demand. Our testing partner has provided paternity tests for thousands of customers, and is recognized as a world leader in the science of DNA testing. Find out the truth, regardless of your situation.


A Stellar Reputation of Excellence and Customer Service

“Great experience, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended.”

Adeo Breaux

“Super friendly people, and professional too!”

Karl F. Kalm

“Very easy, very quick and very respectable people. At a time of confusion and drama they helped our family very professionally.”

Michelle karma Tony willis


We Make It Easy To Get Started

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Get your questions answered and learn how we can help you.

We Create A Plan Together

We’ll guide you in creating an affordable drug testing program for
your business.

We Implement a Drug Free Workplace

Watch your business flourish as a result of having healthy and productive employees.

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ABQ drug testing team

An Experienced Drug Testing Team

Established in 2009 ABQ Drug Testing Inc, is a proud local woman and minority-owned business. ABQ Drug Testing operates with extreme integrity and confidentiality.  We understand that drug and alcohol testing for employment or court proceedings can be stressful.  We aim to make this a positive experience while complying with testing needs and accuracy.

Our goal is to promptly answer every call.  We take appointments which allows for very minimal wait times.  We have same-day appointments and our staff is bilingual.

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